Mediation in Vienna

Welcome to my website. I have published some pages of my shop and website  in English, so that bi-lingual couples can enjoy the collected information on the most recent studies regarding relationships and communication.

About me

I have worked as a certified mediator in Austria since 2007. During these years I have specialised on the communication between men and women. I offer my conflict resolution and analysis services in the following areas:

  • Couples in conflict
  • Intergenerational conflicts within families
  • Support before, during and after divorce and split-up periods

I provide my services in English, German and Danish.  Often Bi-lingual couples choose my services, because they want to be able to speak in their mother-tongue, while I mediate both in English and in German.

Besides conflict analysis I focus on enabling conflict parties to handle the conflict on their own in the future. Both conflict analysis and conflict resolution take place in an interactive setting, where I work with current communication techniques.

In cases where you do not wish to or are not able to attend the first session together, shuttle-mediation services allow for a flexible set-up, including other mediation venues.

You can contact me directly

  • via Email: or
  • telephone: +43-(0)6644087126.


About this place

On this website you will be able to find the relevant information regarding

    • Mediation services offered by me
    • Recent Conflict Resolution Research regarding couple topics like communication, sex, happiness, rituals and how to rescue your relationship.